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“The sea… a fisherman when sails neither knows when he returns nor if he stays”

Barzilian composer Dorival Caymmi, could write the lyrics above in total different way if had lived in 21st century.

With technology conquered, today it has become possible to send news from the most distant seas, as well as to have all the land information at your fingertips.

With the objective of meeting the communication needs of those working in the most remote areas of the sea that MARESTE operates in the maritime telecommunications segment.

Relying on highly skilled professionals with extensive experience, acquired over 15 years working for Oil & Gas and maritime verticals, MARESTE performs services of:


IT Projects

Equipment supply

Installation and commissioning services

Corrective and pro-active maintenance services

Satellite data, voice and video telecommunication services

MARESTE is focused on results and responsibly driven, committed to the customer’s full satisfaction thru the technical and logistics capabilities of our team, in the timeframe our customers need. Our company meets all world requirements for safety, conduct and professional ethics.

Missão & Valores


The ideals that point the true north in our company and directs our actions.


Fulfilling the customer’s needs is
our primary goal.

By supporting them efficiently we become their preferred partner.
We follow their day-by-day activities, which demands fast and reliable solutions, as well as been supplier of equipment that aggregates value to their business.


In this way, we will become the preferred supplier in the industry
and the benchmark  of high quality service and support for Brazil and the world.


To provide solutions in tune with the technical, operational and commercial demands of our customers, allowing them to develop their business with the highest productivity and lowest operational costs.

To offer products and services
with the highest quality, showing excellence from the first call thru service execution, tailored to the timeline and budget of our customers, always seeking to over-achieve their expectations.


• To be ethical in all commercial and personal relationships.

• To attend the customer in the quickest possible time, without impacting quality.

• To be clear and transparent in all levels of the business.

• To adopt the market best practices.

• To have a creative approach to challenges, keeping focused on solutions and results.

• To observe the confidentiality and to have a professional attitude in all situations.

• To warrant all equipment and services supplied.

• To incentivize and develop the team, in harmony with the development of the Company, always observing the importance of personal health, safety, and growth.

• To observe environmental consciousness in all our activities, and seek to minimize environmental
impact in all areas.

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